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If you have respiratory distress, high fever (100.5F and above) and/or any symptoms that need immediate medical attention - please go to URGENT CARE or the nearest EMERGENCY ROOM. 


To Schedule a TELEMEDICINE appointment, you will need a thermometer and access to the following technology:

  • PC or Mac that has camera and microphone with one of the following browsers - Chrome, Safari or Firefox or

  • Android phone with Chrome browser or iPhone with Safari browser

  1. Call 805-934-2488 x100 to schedule a telemedicine appointment.

  2. The front desk will give you a time and date for your appointment.

  3. This appointment will billed to your insurance as an office visit. 24-hour notice of cancellation is required.  If applicable, co-pays and co-insurance are due at time of service.

  4. TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE 15 minutes prior to appointment.  The provider will need to know what your current temperature is.

  5. From your computer or phone, click on the HIPAA compliant telemedicine link below 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure that technology is working properly. BE SURE TO CLICK TO CORRECT PROVIDER that you are scheduled with.

  6.  When you click on the link below a new page will open.  Enter your full name and check-in to be placed in the the "virtual waiting room." 

  7. Click on the "pre-call check" button in the lower left to make sure the technology (your camera and microphone) is working properly.

  8. The health provider will be with you as soon as they finish the appointment prior to yours.




For a Successful Appointment with your Provider:

  • Have a good internet connection

  • Before the visit restart your computer or phone  

  • Use the pre-call check when you are in the "waiting room"

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